Action Potential in Nerve Cells

Action Potential in Nerve cell: Moving Depolarization of axon

Resting Potential = Inside of cell is negative (-) charged; outside of cell is positive (+) charged. Na+ is outside, K+ is inside.

Polarization = Resting Potential; inside of cell is (-) charged.

Depolarization (Action potential) = Inside of cell is negative (-). K channel is closed, Na channel is open; Na+ flood into cell causing cell to become  (+) charged on inside.

Repolarization = Return to resting potential. Na channel is closed and K channel is open; K+ flood out of cell and and restore (+) charge outside cell. Inside of cell becomes polar ( or negative charged). NA+/K+ pump fully restore the concentration gradient by transporting Na+ out of cell and K+ into cell to resting membrane potential.

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