Human Anatomy Things to know

Articulate – create a joint

process – projections on bone that form joints or points of attachment

Tuberosity – Rough, bumpy surface or projection

Tubercle – rounded projection. A tube is round in shape

Trochanter: Very large projection

Foramen: Hole for blood vessels or nerves. Foramina is the plural form.

Fossa: depression for bones to articulate.

Fissure – narrow slits in bone for blood vessels and nerves

Spinous process – pointed, sharp projections

Condyle – Large, rounded bulges with a smooth articular surface at the end of bones

Epicondyle – Rough bugles that are superior (above) to the condyle

Meatus – rounded passageways for blood vessels. Look like a tube of blood vessels surrounded by meat

Sulcus – Grooves in bone

Head – rounded at end of bones to connect to a joint

Line – Long narrow ridge or border

Crest – more prominent than a line.

Facet – smooth, flat, articular surface




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