Human Anatomy Chapter 7

Your upper teeth are embedded in which bone? maxilla

The roof of your mouth (hard palate) is formed by which two bones? palantine and maxilla

Which of the following bones does NOT form part of the orbit (eye socket)? nasal

Which of the following bones contains paranasal sinuses? ethmoid

Which bone contains the external auditory meatus? temporal

Which two bones contribute to forming the nasal septum? vomer and ethmoid

A: occipital condyle

B: mastoid process

C. jugular foramen

D. palantine

E. pterogoid process of the sphenoid bone (keystone bone)

Olfactory nerves travel through small holes in which bone? ethmoid

The spinal cord passes through the vertebral foramen in each vertebra.

C1: atlas

What is one feature that you can find in ALL cervical vertebrae but not in thoracic or lumbar? transverse foramen

The placement of hands directly on the body of the sternum is very important during CPR to avoid breaking the xiphoid (inferior portion of the sternum) located just inferior to the sternal body.



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