Incorporating Active Learning to Studying

Active learning not only helps you engage with the study material but it also helps you recall the information much more efficiently into long term memory than passive learning.

Active Learning Strategies to Remember:

  1. Write summaries in your own words of text  or notes
  2. Write questions to summarize notes or text
  3. Take up note cards to summarize notes
  4. Develop a chart to organize material
  5. Construct possible quiz and exam questions
  6. Teach the material to someone
  7. Recite notes out loud
  8. Write in the margins of the text
  9. Prepare summary questions
  10. Quiz yourself from prepared questions periodically instead of rereading notes before exam
  11. Recite out loud a sentence using term in context instead of memorizing definitions
  12. Annotate in margins to summarize main ideas instead of rereading text before the exam
  13. Annotate from text and write questions to summarize notes instead of recopying notes
  14. Prepare outline from text and talk to instructor instead of reading someone else’s notes




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